Create custom search form in WordPress full width popup.

In WordPress a search functionality is a bone of WordPress for filtering the content from the website. WordPress provide us a custom form for searching the content. It is easy to implement. So in this tutorial we will implement the search functionality step by step with code and live example. Step 1: Add search button/icon […]

Fix issue of footer top space of the page if content is less on large screen?

Mostly there is main issue when content is lees on a specific page and the footer leaving a blank space bottom .So its looking very bad and not a good practices we can solve this issue with easy method using simple CSS. There are two method we can solve this issue.1-Method 1 through calc formula […]

Create Sticky Header Menu in WordPress using jQuery?

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a Sticky Header Menu when page scrolling up and down using jQuery. How Sticky Header Menu will work? Basically in Sticky Header Menu we will add and remove a CSS class through jQuery, when user will scroll the page up or down CSS class will add […]